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Let’s face it, no one likes packing. There are so many better things to do such as sleeping or procrastinating. All the stress, however, comes from deciding what to pack. We are here to help with the ultimate beach bag list with 20 helpful items to make your vacation prep quick and easy.

  1. Beach Bags

First you'll want to select the right beach bag. Beach bags should be spacious, protective, easy to clean and water resistant. 


  1. Bathing Suits

Next you want to have two bathing suits. Wear one under your clothes to the beach and save one for later. It’s also a good idea to switch bikini bottoms immediately after swimming to make sure you are staying dry. 

Taylor wearing 'Ocean Dreams' bikini in black. | Amanda wearing the 'Envy' bikini in black. 
  1. Shades 

Our Dm’s aren’t the only shady place, and you want to avoid the sun's glare at the beach. Protect your eyes from harsh sunlight with our shades.

Taylor wearing 'Be Mine' shades in purple.
  1. Sun hat 

There’s nothing fancier than a sun hat. They scream, “Classy.” Look for our wide-brimmed hats for the perfect accoutrement.

Taylor wearing 'Why So Shady' beach hat and 'Jet Setter' coverup set  in black.
  1. Sandals

The beach can be like an oven, and that superheated sand can burn your feet. Stay cool with our sandals. 

Taylor wearing 'Making Moves' sandals.
  1. Temperature controlled water bottle

Oh the irony of being surrounded by water, without being able to drink any. Bring a bottle, and make sure to fill it with ice before you head out.

  1. Light snack

Keep it clean and light. Snacks packed with protein and water are essential for the beach. 

  1. Earphones

The beach is for relaxing, but sometimes you want a little more than ocean waves as your soundtrack. Vibe out to your favorite songs, listen to informative podcasts and even guided meditations. 

  1. Portable charger

Make sure your phone doesn’t lose too much power. Taking selfies and listening to music can drain your battery, especially in the heat. 

  1. Book or Magazine

Relieve your mind by enjoying a good book or stay inspired with a fashion magazine. Reading is also the perfect way to catch a tan.

  1. 11.Cash for parking and emergencies 

It is hard to find parking at the beach and some parking lots don’t accept cards. Not to mention if something gets lost in the water, unless you're packing a metal detector, you won't get it back. Make sure to bring enough cash for parking and in case of an emergency. 

  1. Hand sanitizer

No one likes germs. You’d be surprised how many things you touch heading towards the beach. Who knows what's in the water? 

  1. Small makeup bag with essentials

Stay away from powders and stick to cream highlighters and blushes. Include a tinted lip balm to keep lips moisturized. Keep it dewy and light.

  1. Hair scrunchies 

Messy buns and loose ponies? No problem. Make sure to bring extra. 

  1. Leave in conditioner hair spray

Salt water can dry out hair. Keep your tresses hydrated with a leave-in conditioner. We recommend that when shopping to make sure that water is the first ingredient listed. This will ensure your hair is staying hydrated. 

  1. Detangling brush for wet hair 

Bad hair day? Make sure to pick up a brush for detangling wet hair. 

  1. Lightweight spf lotion

Our shimmer body glow adds color, shimmer, and hydration to your skin. It even has SPF 15 to ensure your skin is protected from the sun. Look shiny and be safe at the same time!

Shimmer body glow in pearl.
  1. Beach Dress Cover Up

Wardrobe malfunctions happen, sometimes you want a little extra flow to your style, or it's getting dark out and you want a little extra warmth. Whatever the reason, dresses and kimonos are quick fixes to cover yourself while leaving the beach.

Tatiana wearing 'Surf the Coast' coverup and 'Islander' coverup.
  1. Face Mask 

Of course you should stay safe with all that's happened in the world. Mask up with our fashionable face masks and find a matching suit. 

'Protective Face Mask ii' in leopard print.

That rounds up our picks for the perfect beach bag essentials! 

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