The Devil is in the Details with this Bomb Basics Collection

by Colin Velez

Earlier this week, Icon Swim announced it's latest pop culture inspired collection featuring female rapping sensation Latto. Today we are giving you all the insights and details so you can shop smart when the new pieces launch. Designed with her ferocity, drive and ambition in mind, the Core Collection features simple but eye-catching swimwear in various styles including bikinis, monokinis and cover up shorts. From earthy and aquatic shades to fiery and rocky tones, with designs that feature keyhole cutouts, strings, one-piece thong swimsuits and wide open backs, the pieces are made with ribbed and textured cloth, allowing for patterns to reveal themselves in the solid-colored fabric.

Latto's long climb to success was not accomplished without tenacity. In addition to the universal hardships female artists face in the music industry, her confident stance, underscored by her unapologetic music, shows that whatever you alter you're not changing the person.  It was Latto's personal variety of savagery and dignity, combined with her arduous journey to the top, that inspired the designers at Icon Swim to capture powerful symbols of nature and rebirth in this collection. Read below to get an inside look into each swimsuit's design and features, along with our style recommendations.

Asana Beach Dress

Latto's (and our) personal favourite, this fiery, ankle-length coverup shows off any accompanying swimsuit of your choice underneath, while staying extra mindful of one's curves. The knit, strappy dress is designed to hug the body so you don't have to worry about catching on something in the sand while you carouse on the beach; the perfect accoutrement to any swimsuit from our collection.

Aura Monokini

Latto wearing the Aura monokini, taken by Brandon Almengo, edited by Sturdy Productions.

Bringing contrast to the collection with a dark-chocolate fabric, the Aura has a stylish but minimalist look. Tailored to induce the coveted hourglass shape, the monokini compliments any body type by accentuating the hips while offering the chest and shoulder modest, mesh coverage. Add some oversized shades and you'll have the ultimate high-class look for your sunny destination.

Azar Monokini

Latto wearing the Azar monokini, taken by Brandon Almengo, edited by Sturdy Productions.

The name means fire in Persian, which is how you will look in this sleek monokini.  With a keyhole cutout, cheeky coverage and a one-shoulder design, this piece shows just enough skin to look sexy for any water-bound destination. Throw on a wide-brimmed sun hat to round out your style.

Iris Bikini

Latto wearing the Iris bikini, taken by Brandon Almengo, edited by Sturdy Productions.

You may have already seen Latto sporting this elegant two-piece across our Instagram and website, in which case the benefits are already clear: trendy features such as sleeves and mesh cutouts adorne the top, while on the bottom you'll find the blue and grey colors accentuate all shades of skin.  It's the perfect fit for urban and nightlife destinations.

Phoenix Dress

Latto wearing the Phoenix set, taken by Brandon Almengo, edited by Sturdy Productions.

Symbolism aside, the flows and translucent design of this coverup show off your curves while wrapping up against your romantic evening's breezes. Made from a rib-knit material and featuring a wing-like, chest-to-toe split, the Phoenix and its accompanying thong bikini are the most versatile pieces of our collection, suitable for poolside antics and coastside relaxation.

Sena Shorts

Who needs bikinis? It may seem odd in a menagerie of thongs and high-waisted cuts to indulge in something more modest. However, the saucy, sporty look of these rib-knit shorts make it perfect for in and out of water shenanigans. Available in every color, you can pair this with any piece you grab from our website.

Terra Monokini

Latto wearing the Terra monokini, taken by Brandon Almengo, edited by Sturdy Productions.

Streamlined, refined, classy and sassy, the Terra monokini rounds out the collection with a laced, abdominal cutout and a low-cut neckline. Perhaps the boldest design due to its simplicity, the swimsuit is perfect for watching (or catching) the waves.

Icon Swim works with celebrities like Latto who establish themselves as Icons of their time. Idols such as the City Girls are regularly featured donning our latest pieces, while stars of all kinds show off their favourites on social media. With much in store for vacationers, travel aficionados, partiers and relaxers alike, we hope you enjoy wearing these swimsuits as much as Latto and the Icon team enjoyed creating it. 


Icon Swim is an established, Georgia based swimsuit company.  Seeking to provide customers with luxurious style at a reasonable price, the business strives for excellence and innovation.  To find out more about the company's plans for the future or to shop for your summer looks visit or follow their socials by searching @IconSwim.

August 13, 2021 — social media

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