by Colin Velez

The world of music is saturated with talented voices, each desperate for the adoration of overwhelmed listeners.  With the sheer amount of skilled, ambitious competition it is extraordinarily difficult for people early in their careers to find their place and earn their laurels.  Yet there are some who bust through the industry bubble and bless our ears with amazing pieces on a daily basis.  Today, that bubble-burster is Bia.

BIA wearing the Chase The Waves coverup, taken by Bonnie Nichoalds.

Rap is one of the few music genres where humble beginnings can work in the artist's favor.  Born in Massachusetts, Bianca Landrau struggled to find her place in the world, a journey which culminated in the often anxiety-inducing decision to drop out of college to focus on her music.  However Bia had the determination to see herself through, and after a breakthrough YouTube single and a do-or-die meeting with Pharrell, she proved her talent and creativity to the powers that be.  Entering into the TV world through the “Sisterhood of HipHop,” Bia began to grow her following using her collaborations with famous artists such as Usher and T.I. to meet new listeners.

BIA wearing the Bring On The Beach set, taken by Bonnie Nichoalds.

After the conclusion of her two-season TV career, BIA focused on her stand-alone music, releasing singles and performing live.  During this time, she often appeared as the opening act, stealing the show under the guise of revving audiences up for the headliner.  Accolades from Rihanna, BET awards and chart-topping singles confirmed her ability to capture the essence of Rap, Latin and HipHop in her music.  The cultural influences within her music, stemming from her Afro-Puerto Rican-Italian racial identity, gave her music its unique signature, firmly establishing herself in her musical niche.  Today, after all her hard work and well-deserved praise, BIA is dominates the scene; her personality and talent to back her up, with no intention of slowing down.

BIA wearing the Cool Off bikini, taken by Bonnie Nichoalds.

The next step in BIA’s journey lies in fashion.  From her Lollapalooza appearance and makeup line investment, the rapper has shown us all her skill in looking her best while experimenting and keeping innovative.  This comes as no surprise, as the newly female-led Rap genre has unapologetically introduced itself into the beauty industry.  The rapper's current style-sense is bold, colorful and head-turning.  This summer, BIA is representing Icon Swim in their latest, end of the season collection, giving us an exciting look into her plans for the future.  To see her new looks, head over to and view the new, end-of-season swim styles.

September 03, 2021 — social media

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