by Colin Velez

Just because summer has officially ended doesn't mean the fun has to!  If your beach plans were delayed, or if you're looking to get one last tan in before the fall, you can still have a great time at many ocean-side destinations.  However, while you are planning your vacation, taking precautions against the changing weather can mean the difference between having a great time and having to pack up early.  Read below to find out how to prepare for your fall vacation!

Bring Some Warm Clothes

While most of the U.S. is still warm, depending on where you travel you might find that skimpy bathing suits are the wrong fashion choice for the climate.  Yet you'll find there are many beach styles that fortify you against the cold air while keeping you fashionable.  Consider wearing a coverup or kimono to the beach, or bring a hoodie for some campfire coziness.

Get More Sun

With changes in the weather and tropical storms on the horizon sometimes the beach isn't as sunny as one might have hoped.  Not only is it harder to keep warm, but you might find your mental health begins draining as the year draws to a close.  This is in part due to vitamin D deficiency, which hits an alarmingly large percentage of America's population, especially in the winter.  Keep your energy up with some vitamin D supplements so you can enjoy your well-deserved break without feeling tired.

Staying Safe

With the turn of the season, and most other revelers returning home, you might find the beaches are much lonelier than you remember.  Enjoy all that extra space!  However, always be sure to walk with somebody, or make sure your friends or family know of your location.

Where to Go

If you're still looking for summer weather, it's best to stay close to the equator.  Beaches which stay warm and welcome late into the year can be reliably found in Florida, Georgia and California, or if you're traveling further south, Puerto Rico and Portugal.  Always stay on top of the weather, and pay close attention to any tropical storms that could impact your plans.

That's all of our tips for a safe and pleasant September vacation.  Let us know what you bring to your end-of-season trips, and any locations you'd recommend to your fellow travelers.

Happy fall!

September 23, 2021 — social media

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