Want to know what swimsuit styles are trending before you hit the beach? From fresh brilliant takes on retro styles, to asymmetrical cut out details… it may seem impossible to keep up with everything else you’ve got going on in your life! Don’t worry doll, we’ve got insider information and we’ve got you covered!



The Trend: Ring Detailing 

How can something so subtle be the cutest detail? Easy, ring detailing is

chic AND flattering for your natural curves. Our swimsuits that feature ring detailing have

strategically placed rings to accentuate specific areas of the body. Go ahead, put a ring on it!



The Trend: Cut Outs

Cut outs are perfect for anyone going for that classic look with a side of skin. Doesn’t everyone

love a pop of sexy? Cut out swimsuits are not only flattering for every body type,

but they’re so much fun! Side cut? We got it. Back cut out? We’ve got

that too! A cute and modest midriff cut out? Well of course!!!



The Trend: Tie Detail

Bikinis with ties are EASILY my personal favorite for multiple reasons. First, it allows for versatility that fits

any body shape. Just because someone may have the same bikini as you doesn’t mean it has to be worn the same!!

I love that! Secondly, stringy bikinis are adjustable! These are the kind of bikinis that you can keep around for

a couple of years. Lastly, it’s that one detail that can take a minimalist bikini up a notch!



The Trend: Prints

DUH! Prints are back and here to stay! If you are familiar with Icon Swim (of course you are)

then you know that we are known for the super sexy, super bold prints. Try something

different this summer. Basic bikinis are OUT! Loud and proud bikinis are IN!!



The Trend: Retro Inspo

Frills, thrills, puffs, and sleeves?? YES YES YES! Retro styles are making a comeback and

we’re pretty much loving every second of this. We’ve got the retro prints and the retro cuts. We know you’ve

been looking…. Look no further doll we’ve got you right here!

May 21, 2021 — social media

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