Lights, Camera, Action!  

It's no surprise that small businesses can struggle to find their place, a difficulty exacerbated by the uncertainty of the last several years.  However, true icons know the show must go on, and every step of the way Icon Swim's audience was there to support us.  Maturing from a small boutique with no more than 50 products on its site, to an industry recognized business designing over 250 new styles a year despite all of the recent struggles swimsuit companies have faced was only possible with the support of our customers.  So, when the opportunity came to show them our appreciation, our team decided to put on a show like no other.  Icon Swim decided to debut its first runway show ever at Miami Swim Week 2022!
We felt that putting together a show was the best way to celebrate our story, and we wanted to make sure it would be special.  To make it easy, we split all the details of our event into three parts: the collection, the show and our final performance.
Carmen Carrera (@carmen_carrera) showing off the Abby Swimsuit at Paraiso and Icon Swim’s show during Miami Swim Week 2022. (Getty Images/Bryan Cereijo)

Western Glamour!

Designing products for the runway is no easy matter.  We decided to stick with what we do best: paying homage to the things that inspire us, while mixing in the glitz and style of our favorite fashion trends.  This time, our eyes were caught by the grittiness and practicality of old Western fashion.  While sometimes cheesy or rough around the edges, we loved the action-movie tropes of knotted rope, glinting metal, dusty colors, cowboy boots and wide-brimmed hats, and knew we wanted to incorporate that into our litany of themed collections.  Knowing that nobody wants to look like a grizzled lone ranger while out at the beach, we turned to modern luxury to soften the aesthetic.  Using gold and silver metallics, abstract patterns, alluring trims and bombastic patterns, our designers crafted a bold, glamorous take on the Old West.  Check out the collection here.
X Hernandez (@x_hernandezzz) styling the Comeback Season Linen Shorts at Paraiso and Icon Swim’s show during Miami Swim Week 2022. (Getty Images/Bryan Cereijo)

A Show Like No Other!

The show elements themselves were devised and produced by the teams at Paraiso and Icon Swim.  With the idyllic backdrop of a luxury pool and a clear Miami evening, our runway was set up to run over the water with guests on each side.  On the runway, models and performers swung lassoes, sauntered out to energetic music, and showed off our new styles to the cheers of our VIP crowd.  Needless to say our cast absolutely rocked the stage, as guests applauded each successive design.  
Our model Charlie (@charlieee00) wearing the Clearwater Linen Shirt in rust at Paraiso and Icon Swim’s show during Miami Swim Week 2022. (Getty Images/Bryan Cereijo)

Post-Credits Scene!

The pièce de résistance, however, was our closing act's reveal: an up close and personal performance by Shenseea!  The exclamations of surprise and excitement accompanying the Jamaican reggae artist's walk onto the stage was the perfect way to finish the show, but she wasn't done yet.  Singing her hit single "Can't Anymore" Shenseea also showed off a currently unreleased piece from Icon Swim's upcoming Body collection.  While we can't share all the details, you can expect to see a new release with form-fitting, dark-toned essential pieces, and even more involvement from your favorite celebrities.
Shenseea (@Shenseea) performing “Can’t Anymore” in a soon-to-be-released bodysuit in front of the crowd at Paraiso and Icon Swim’s show during Miami Swim Week 2022. (BME Visuals/Jordan Kelly)

And Cut!

Pieces from the show and more can be found on our website, but be sure to check out our main Instagram page to see clips from the show and accessory ideas from our models.  Our website has regular sales which can be accessed by signing up for emails or downloading our app.  While the main focus of our show was to thank guests for their loyalty over the years, and to tease all the new things Icon Swim has in store, for us it meant so much more.  It was an opportunity to reflect on how far we've come and how much further we can go.  While we look forward to the future, we hope you'll always remember that anyone can be an Icon.
Reginae Carter (@itsreginaecarter) walking Icon Swim’s runway at Paraiso and Icon Swim’s show during Miami Swim Week 2022. (Getty Images/Bryan Cereijo)

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