We all aspire to our own version of the "good life," but often we are so overcome by our hardships that we feel as if we failed to attain it.  While the pursuit of the good life is admirable, it is equally important to slow down, and recognize just how sweet life actually is before losing sight.  One of our favorite ways to slow down is spending time with the people closest to us, and our new collection intends to make focusing on those connections easier.  After all, we believe moments shared are the sweetest, which is why our latest drop features matching products for couples to enjoy together wherever life may take them.

Our collection was designed to help couples to express themselves both individually and as a team.  With a diverse selection of button‑down, pinstripe tops, patterned or solid monokinis, luxurious linen button‑down shirts and shorts, all designed to match in color and aesthetic, partners can always find something to share with each other.  A delicious array of pink, burgundy, green, brown and rust on a variety of styles help to show off everyone's fashion sense while giving partners the opportunity to show off solidarity.

What better way to encapsulate the "sweet life," than a real life couple sharing the sweetest of moments!  We were honored to shoot with Tyler Lepley and Miracle Watts this spring, and were so happy to get photos of Miracle's pregnancy.  With a beautiful backdrop of clear skies and quality luxury, the pair captured what it's like to share the sweet life together.  We can't wait to see the couple's little one, and are excited about what their future has in store! All styles can be found on our store, and be sure to check out @miraclewatts and @tylerlepley on Instagram!

Whoever you're with amorously or platonically, we hope you cherish them.  We encourage you to share the sweet life with each other, and are honored to help you do so.  Wishing you a great summer and a sweet life!

May 18, 2022 — Colin Velez

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