With spring break coming up, we’ve been stocking up on all of our warm weather style staples such as swimsuits and sunglasses. But, we can’t forget one of the most important vacation essentials…the swimsuit cover-up! Whether you’re spending the day at the pool, lounging on the beach or are just dressing for the warm weather, a bathing suit cover-up is a must-have for this sunny season.


We have picked our top ten faves for our fashionable cover-ups...


1. Beach Zone: Dark Pink, $22

2. Azari: Blue, $22

3. I Can See Clearly Now, $22

4. Yacht Party: Olive, $22

5. Barbados, $24

6. Vega, $22

7. Shake A Tail Feather, $20

8. Sandy Islands Beach, $22

9. Fringe Frenzy, $22

10. Coast of Freedom, $20

Check out the rest of our cover-ups in stock!

February 06, 2018 — social media

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