by Colin Velez

With the holidays behind and only a few months of winter doldrums ahead, it's time to get excited for warm weather again!  This year promises a flurry of innovation and creativity in swimsuit fashion, which means the time to plan your trend-setting summer wardrobe is now.  To help you look iconic on the beach, we put together a highlight list of what you can expect to see in 2022's swimwear.

Swimsuits are straightforward.  No matter how you cut it, so long as the important bits are covered, it all fits the same.  However this summer, coming on the heels of two long difficult years, is going to be special.  While you prepare for a better future, keep an eye out for these creative and fun designs to stay ahead of the curve.


1: Tropical prints, featuring vibrant mixes of dark and bright colors will take center stage.  Look for highly contrasted palettes, with mixtures of earthy tones and vivid highlights, to stay ahead of the curve.

2: Expect to find animal prints, but with unique patterns and designs.  Jungle prints are always classy, but you can count on seeing surprising inspirations taken from elsewhere in mother nature's catalogue.  Remember, we all have a wild side, but sophistication and individuality is key this year.

3: Abstract prints and unexpected twists on familiar patterns will adorn many of the new styles.  Watch for mixtures of marbling, tie-dye and waves to make your style pop.

While designs show your personality, the shape, style and quality of your piece do the most to compliment your figure and keep you comfortable.  If you are planning to travel, make sure your swimsuits make a statement by looking for the right styles.


1: We expect to see body-complimenting one-pieces, with high cuts and eye-catching trim.  Single-piece clothes are seen as seductive and classy for a reason.  Monokinis especially offer a litany of coverage methods, while showing off your curves in subtle ways.

2: Bikinis, as always, will be in demand despite their limited range in terms of style.  However, instead of getting caught on the trappings, two-piece styles will play with textiles and aesthetic.  Faux metallic, bronze, and other shiny entrapments will help to catch looks, and stand out from the rest.

As travel restrictions ease, many people will be travelling abroad to beaches and resorts.  Adjusting to different climates is made easier by bringing the right accessories for your wardrobe.  You can stay resort-ready by considering these classy additions.


1: Coverups are fantastic for beach or pool-side establishments, allowing one to feel comfortable regardless of the crowd or temperature.  They also provide fashionable combinations with your swimsuit of choice.  Look for body-hugging gowns, flowing kimonos and transparent skirts.  Don't be afraid to try something new!

2: Less traditionally feminine styles aren't out of the equation either.  Button-up beach-shirts are all the rage, as they keep you feeling warm and looking sharp.

3: Don't forget to pack sunglasses and broad-brimmed hats to protect your skin and eyes!  If you're looking for extra protection and some fine-tuning glossiness, you can bring our SPF packed shimmer body glow creams available on our website for $10 each!

We hope you are as excited as we are for the upcoming swim season.  Icon Swim has so much in store for this year, and we hope this sneak-peak helps you plan your warm-weather adventures.

January 31, 2022 — social media

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